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Achmed the Dead Terrorist!

” SILENCE! I KILL YOU!”  – achmed

The Dead Terrorist


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Have you ever been in love???

Alien Invaders

"Martians vs Venusians"

why men and women never completely understand each other

Once upon a time,  there was a conflict between two planets, Venus and Mars. They have nothing in common and argue a lot because of their differences.

Then a Martian and Venusian decided to end up the gap between them and get along. They travelled to a planet called Earth.

In that time, only the kingdom Animalia reigned as rulers of Earth but since they came, they were treated as the highest living specie on Earth.

Although they were living together and gave birth to offspings, there are still something that triggers the pulse of agruement…

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Martians value power, competency, efficiency and achievement. They are always doing things

Life on Mars

"Martians"Martians value power, competency, efficiency and achievement. They are always doing things to prove themselves and develop their powers and skills.  Their sense of self is predefined through their ability to acheive results. They experience fulfilment primarily through success and accomplishment.

“A man’s sense of self is defined through his ability to acheive results.”

Everything on Mars is a reflection of these values. Even their dress is designed to reflect their skills and competence. Police officers, soldiers, businessmen, scientists, cab drivers, technicians and chefs all wear uniforms or at least hats to reflect their competence and power.

They don’t read magazines like Psychology Today,  Self or People. They are more concerned with outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing and racing cars. They are interested in the news, weather and sports and couldn’t care less about romance novels and self-help books.

They are more interested in ‘objects’ and ‘things’ rather than people and feelings. Even today on Earth, while women fantasize about romance, men fantasize about powerful cars, faster computers, gadgets, gizmos and new powerful technology. Men are preoccupied with the ‘things’ that can help them express power by creating results and achieving goals.

Achieving goals is very important to a Martian because it is a way for him to prove his competence and thus feel good about himself. And for him to feel good about himself he must achieve these goals by himself. Someone else can’t achieve them for him. Martians pride themselves in doing things all by themselves. Autonomy is a symbol of effiency, power and competence.

Understanding this Martian characteristic can help women understand why men resist on so much being corrected and being told what to do.  To offer a man unsolicited advice is to presume that he doesn’t know what to do or that he can’t do it on his own. Men are very touchy about this, because the issue of competence is very important to them.

Because he is handling his problems on his own, a Martian rarely talks about his problem unless he needs expert advice. He reasons: ‘Why involve someone else when I can do it all by myself?’   he keeps his problems to himself unless he requires help from another to find a solution. Asking for help when you can do it yourself is perceived as a sign of weakness.

Life on Venus


Residents of venus

Venusians have different values.  They value love, communication, beauty and relationships. They spend a lot of time supporting, helping and nurturing one another. Their sense of self is defined through their feelings and the quality of their relationships. They experience fulfilment through sharing and relating.

” A woman’s sense of self is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationships.”

Everything on Venus reflect these values. Rather than building up highways and tall buildings, the Venusians are more concerned in living in harmony, community and loving cooperation. Relationships are more important than work and technology. In most ways their world is the opposite of Mars.

They do not wear uniforms to reveal their competence like Martians. On contrary, they enjoy wearing a different outfit everyday, according to how they are feeling. Personal expression, especially of feelings, is very important.  They may even change outfits several times a day as their mood changes.

Communication is of primary importance. To share their personal feelings is much more important than acheiving goals and success. Talking and relating to one another is a source of tremendous fulfilment.

This is hard for a man to comprehend.  He can come close to understanding a woman’s experience of sharing and relating by comparing it to the satisfaction he feels when he wins a race, acheives a goal or solves a problem.

Instead of being goal- oriented, women are relationship-oriented; they are more concerned with expressing their goodness, love and caring. Two Martians go to lunch to discuss a project or business goal; they have a problem to solve. In addition, Martians view going to a restaurant as an efficient way to approach food: no shopping, no cooking and no washing dishes. For Venusians, going to lunch is an opportunity to nurture a relationship, for both giving support to and receiving support from a friend. Women’s restaurant talk can be very intimate nd open, almost like the dialouge that occurs between a therapist and a patient.

On Venus, everyone studies psychology and has at least a master’s degree in counseling. They are very involved in personal growth, spirituality and everything that can nurture, healing and growth. Venus is covered with parks, organic gardens, shopping centres and restaurants.

Venusians are very intuitive. They have developed this ability through centuries of anticipating the needs of others. They pride themselves in being considerate of their needs and feelings of others.  A sign of great love is to offer help and assistance to other Venusian without being asked.

Witty or Wise?

When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not wok in zero gravity.

To combat this,  NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion to invent a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater and on almost any surface including glass and at temperature ranging from below freezing point to 300 degrees celcius.

Whereas the Russians used a pencil.