Toy Story 3

After the kidnapping incident to be sent to Japan, Woody and his friends are once more ready to give Andy the best playtime if his life.  Together with the space ranger action figure, Buzz Lightyear and the dazzling Jesse, girl of the wild will join forces to defeat the evil plans of the  menace Potato head and his boss, Evil Dr. Porkchop. And of course, we would certainly not forget the three adorables, Bullseye, the trusty steed; Slinky, the elastic dog that could stretch a hundred centimetres;  and the scariest dinosaur that ever lived, Rex. Everything was more than expected. But all happy moments have an ending.

Andy was growing up. And as the years pass by, the less were the toys got played with, the more of them got thrown out or destroyed.

Is it the end??? or will they still have one last time with Andy?

We’ll I already watched the movie. It was good. If you haven’t seen Toy Story 1 and 2, we’ll go see it first because there’s no point in seeing the third part if you haven’t watched the beginning. It’s like skipping the good parts of your favourite movie. 

Speaking of that, you know, what really grinds my gears are people who jump from one episode to another instead of watching it in an order. Soon, after watching the third part they would say, “Is the first one good?” ” Which episode is better?”  “I don’t like this one, what do you think about  the other one?” I mean, if you can’t be bothered to watch it, don’t watch the show at all because it’s pretty annoying asking about thing that you don’t even care about. It’s like being sarcastic. Okay back to the movie.

In my opinion, the movie was totally a change of common stories. I’ve seen all dramas and things like that. That’s why I wanted to see something out of the extra-ordinary. I don’t want the same old revenge-kill-save-happy-buh-bye thingy. I may say that I am a very emotional person but in real life and in movies, if it doesn’t moved me at all or if it’s corny, I just mock and laugh.

I recommend the movie for young children and for the family it’s really good. Although, sometimes the humour wasn’t funny enough to rip your brains out.


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