You: He asked me out 🙂
*some time later*
You: He broke up with me… 😦
Friend: I knew it! I hated that jerk you never should have dated him!!!

I might hug other guys, i might laugh with other guys, i might even hang out with other guys.. but none of them will ever mean to me as much as you do.

Elementary School; ew you kissed him! cooties!
Middle School; c’mon, kiss! kiss! kiss!
High School; seriously guys stop making out and get a room!

1.When she walks away from yu mad[Follow her]
2.When she stare’s at yur lips[Kiss her ]
3.When she pushes yu or hits yu[Grab her & dnt let go]

Wife: If i become fat and ugly will you leave me?
Husband starts laughing.
Wife: WHAT?!
Husband: Im still here arent i?

Age 6:
lil sis: *crying
big bro: ” aww whats wrong?”
little sister: ” I got a owwy”
Age: 15
lilsis: *crying
big bro:alright who was it?!
lil sis: cries. (name)
big bro* loads shotgun ” Be right back..”

Every girl has three guys in her life.
The one she loves.
The one she hates.
and the one she can’t live without.
And in the end,
They’re all the same guy.

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